Marco Meer

Marco Meer

Dr. sc. ETH

A little something about me

I have an interdisciplinary background in biophysics and computational biology. I have developed data analysis pipelines with R and Julia and CNN-based ML tools for dataviz of cellular properties. I have built and validated mathematical/numerical models of spatiotemporal tissue dynamics. My work has contributed to the understanding of mechanisms underlying morphogenesis. I am interested in comparing spatiotemporal patterning processes during development, regeneration and degeneration of biological tissues.

  • Biophysics
  • Mechanobiology
  • ActiveMatter


ETH Zurich
Dr. sc. ETH Zurich
Jan 2017 – Sep 2022
Cell-Based Simulations of Tissue Patterning during Morphogenesis
Heidelberg University
Master of Science in Physics
Oct 2013 – Oct 2016


Visualizing Data with R
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Analyzing Data with R
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Julia Scientific Programming
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